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IAI - Board of Directors

Past President

Gregg Hostetler, P.E.

Mr. Hostetler serves as a trusted advisor, consultant, trainer, program manager, and project manager for federal, state, local, and tribal transportation agencies throughout the United States. He is responsible for business development in the areas of Structural Assessment and Alternative Contracting.

Mr. Hostetler is experienced in and passionate about alternative project delivery and was recently involved in the development and research for NCHRP 15-46, a Design-Guidebook for CM/GC and Design-Build. He provides nationwide training and education on the subject and has co-facilitated kick-off meetings and workshops for several state DOTs and tribal agencies using CM/GC for the first time.

As an expert in innovative bridge management solutions, he serves as a technical advisor on bridge preservation, repair, and rehabilitation projects/programs. In this role he taps into his expertise in bridge design; NBIS safety inspection, including fracture critical inspection and underwater inspection; construction management; bridge preservation, repair and rehabilitation; development of earthquake response plans for bridges, and historic bridge analysis.

He serves as a FHWA-certified lead instructor for the National Highway Institute (NHI) for the following courses: NHI 130053, Bridge Inspection Refresher Training, NHI 130078, Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges, and the Bridge Preservation Module for NHI 134063, Maintenance Leadership Academy. He has been recognized multiple years by FHWA as an “Instructor of Excellence.”

CONSOR Engineers

Founded in 2019, CONSOR Engineers’ purpose is to inspire vibrant communities by connecting people through innovative engineering solutions. In the work that we do, genuine partnership defines our ability to succeed. As such, we strive for an honest and trusted relationship with every human connection in the built environment: our clients, colleagues, and communities.

CONSOR’s legacy firms are proven leaders across the transportation engineering landscape: Target Engineering Group, AIA Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, and Johnson-Adams & Associates. Our combined project portfolio spans large to small projects across the United States and Canada, with 70 offices nationwide and 1600+ employees.

Our transportation engineering services include the following:

Planning and Design: Roadways/highways, bridges/ancillary structures, traffic engineering, hydraulics/hydrology, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities


Structural Assessment: Above and below water inspections, including rope access, waterfront/marine facilities, and professional training


Construction Services: Project management, Construction engineering and inspection, contract administration, scheduling, and quality assurance/quality control


Specialized Services: Disaster recovery, railroad and transit, aviation, and land surveying


CONSOR commits to investing heavily in our most important asset—our people. Together, we are stronger, more innovative, and able to execute an engineering vision that makes a true difference in our daily lives.


For more information, visit:


Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection of Milton-Madison Bridge (1929) over Ohio River, connecting Milton, KY and Madison, IN - Courtesy of CONSOR Engineers
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